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2022-04-28 zg-ipchat Peer-to-Peer Chat Tool 1.00.04 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of zg-ipchat 1.00.04.

zg-ipchat is a chat tool. It implement simple text information transmission without encryption. Point-to-point direct communication without intermediate servers, supporting Pv6/IPv4 networks. Based on the published IP Messenger protocol. Use "Friends List" to distinguish friends from strangers.

Main changes:

* Added the saving and querying of sending and receiving messages;

* Change color of chat log;

* bug fix: ipv6 下, localIsa.getHostName() got 0:0:0..;

* bug fix: same msg key received twice,  did not remove duplicates, and saved two copies;

* bug fix: matchOneIpOrHostname() logical error;


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