Zhegui Turnover packaging appliance management system
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Zhegui Turnover packaging appliance management system,Tracing lost packaging

Tracing in the production process, reusable plastic boxes, metal boxes, containers and other revolving packaging appliances;

Find out where the packaging is lost in time and make a claim to reduce losses.

Full life cycle management

Tracking the whole process: procurement plan, procurement, inspection, storage, recycling, maintenance, scrap, regular inventory, etc .;


Make empty box distribution plan in accordance with parts demand plan

Based on the parts demand plan, combined with the existing empty boxes at each parts supplier, formulate an empty box distribution plan and execute tracking

Implement the JIT (just in time) production model to avoid the backlog of raw materials and excessive use of working capital.

Automatic alarm for empty box

Avoid parts suppliers unable to deliver parts due to lack of empty boxes

Reduce the risk of stopping the production line of the main manufacturer


Regular inventory

Regular inventory to avoid inconsistency between electronic accounts and actual materials

Group management

Divide several parts suppliers and logistics points into a group for independent management

Node groups can be counted individually


Perfect data analysis report

Based on the difference report of sending and receiving, it was found that the data entry error was found immediately and the packaging was lost

Inventory distribution report to avoid backlog of packaging boxes somewhere

Node group report, easy to manage node group


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