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Complete installation for the printing platform and upload platform system.
Product / Component Installation documentation File Size User manual File Size
Zhegui printing platform system zg_prt-installation-v6.2.en-us.pdf 2.4M zg_prt-user_manual-v6.2.zh-cn.pdf 2.1M
Zhegui Uploading platform system zg_uld-installation-v6.2.en-us.pdf 1.9M zg_uld-user_manual-v6.2.zh-cn.pdf 2.5M
Zhegui Master Data Management System zg_mdm-installation-v6.1.2.1.en-us.pdf 1.5M zg_mdm-user_manual-v6.1.2.1.zh-cn.pdf 1.5M
Zhegui Single sign-on system zg_sso-installation-v.3.0.1.pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive] zg_sso-manual-v.3.0.1.pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive]
PostgreSQL Download...(1) 656K  
MS SQL Server Download...(1)  

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