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Zhegui single sign-on system


We believe:
  • Multiple application systems can share a set of account / password
  • Single sign-on systems should be easier to use
  • Changes to the most existing application systems should be minimized
  • Configuration parameters change without restarting the software system

What our single sign-on system can do

  • Improve the productivity of application users. Users will not be trapped by the need to remember the accounts and passwords of multiple application systems. And, forgotten passwords can be easily reset by the administrator.
  • Improve developer productivity. The single sign-on system provides a common user authentication framework. In fact, with an independent single sign-on system, developers don't need to care about user authentication at all. When a user accesses an application, it can be assumed that user authentication has been completed.
  • Simplify management。When the application system is integrated with the single sign-on system, the management of user accounts becomes simple. Because the single sign-on system only takes over user authentication, the degree of simplification varies with different application systems. Therefore, the application system still needs user-related processing (such as user data).

(reverse proxy mode)Working principle diagram

Zhegui single sign-on system (reverse proxy mode,Working principle diagram)

Main function points

  • Zhegui single sign-on system is a web-based single sign-on system, support web applications, Stand-alone programs, Mobile applications.
  • Support OAuth 2.0 standard protocol
  • Have perfect authority management, can be used for Different backend web applications
  • With analysis functions, can show the specific page URL of each back-end application with slow response. Quickly locate performance bottlenecks in back-end applications.
  • It can display the trend graph of user operation frequency to quickly determine the peak usage time of each back-end system.
  • Can view current online users and web pages they are using
  • Has server monitoring function, Including all aspects of CPU/memory/Java Runtime monitoring
  • Easy to use
  • Little change to existing applications
  • Changing the system parameters can take effect without restarting the software system
  • When adding back-end applications, it does not affect the use of existing back-end applications
  • All application systems at the back end of Zhegui single sign-on system share the same user account
  • Support LDAP user authentication, Windows domain account integration, system maintenance user login name/password, external system maintenance user login name/password, etc.
  • Perfect user audit function: Login / Logout Operation Log, Web Access Log / Statistics
  • The back-end application system can be a J2EE / ASP / ASP.NET / PHP system
  • There are two levels of permission control: user + application, user + URL
  • For back-end application systems, parameters can be configured independently
  • Has Chinese and English interface
  • Operating system: Windows XP and above, Windows server 2000 and above, common Linux (Ubuntu/Redhat, etc.)
  • Stable and efficient
  • Synchronize account with your application system through webservice (XML), create, modify, activate, and block accounts


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