Zhegui printing platform system(Introduction)
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Zhegui printing platform system(Introduction)

  • Preset printing templates and printing modules (software for complex printing), batch printing, saving manpower and reducing errors;
  • A single system can support the simultaneous use of 20 production lines (has case, Yadi electric motorcycle / electric bicycle);
  • It can print the certificate and consistency of 7000 vehicles per hour;
  • Sound and light alarm, reminder in time;
  • Scan a barcode to print multiple documents at the same time, such as certificate, conformity, yellow fuel label, etc .;
  • Customers with software development capabilities can add new printing templates and printing modules by themselves;
  • According to customer calculations, using this system saves more than one million RMB in labor costs annually;
  • Production printing takes priority over office batch reprinting. In the same system, office mass reprinting will not affect production printing;
Zhegui Single Sign On
								(Reverse Proxy)
  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual printing, saving time for data entry, time for typesetting, saving manpower, and improving efficiency
  • Reduce the possibility of manual errors
  • Client MES or other IT system, send data to the webservice of this system, and then print it automatically
  • Copy the data file to the specified directory and print it automatically
  • Good modular and versioned design, can update function modules and add new modules online
  • Built-in integrated automotive industry certificate and other printing,built-in integrated automotive industry certificate printing, fuel yellow label printing, consistency certificate printing, environmental information along with car list printing, etc.
  • Can add new print template, for new certificate printing
  • Support two modes of sample printing and formal printing, allow checking before mass production
  • Automatic archiving of print data, which can be searched, viewed and reprinted for easy auditing
  • Industry users run and verification for a long time, the system is stable and reliable

Print template   Print data   Print results
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System Requirements:
Windows 7 or later, Windows server 2003 or later
Databases: Postgres v10(+), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2(+), Oracle 11g(+), MySQL 8.0(+)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2, Internet Information Services 7.5(+)

Optional functional modules/Optional subsystems
category feature/module
optional module for China's Auto industry Printing Module of Automobile certificate Printing Module of automobile Certificate of Conformity Printing Module of Automobile OBD emission
Printing Module of automobile fuel window label Printing Module of automobile environmental list Printing Module of automobile inspection
Chinese automobile optional printing Chinese automobile vec-pdf file generation Chinese automobile Tire pressure label printing
Chinese automobile body shop plate(laser)printing Chinese automobile engine plate(laser)printing Chinese automobile Engine country of origin Label(laser)printing
Chinese automobile VIN plate(laser)printing    
Chinese automobile Commodity car accessories list printing Chinese automobile Service part identification printing Chinese automobile General Assembly main manifest print
Chinese automobile body shop manifest printing Chinese automobile engine and towveryor manifest printing Chinese automobile body MIL-label printing
Chinese automobile door off manifest left printing Chinese automobile door off manifest right printing Chinese automobile door ring runsheet printing
(none) (none)  
Chinese automobile Anti-theft plate(laser)Chasis printing Chinese automobile Anti-theft plate(laser)Backup printing Chinese automobile Anti-theft plate(laser)Trim printing
(none) (none) (none)
optional module for China's Motorcycle industry Printing Module of motorcycle certificate Printing Module of motorcycle Certificate of Conformity Printing Module of motorcycle label outside the box
optional module for China's electric bicycle industry Printing Module of electric bicycle certificate    

built-in a variety of print module, optional to buy
Centralized monitoring of all the print data
built-in a variety of print module, optional to buy
Centralized monitoring of all the print data

preview before printing
preview before printing


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