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Printing Module of electric bicycle certificate

Electric bicycle product certification, according to customer requirements, based on the provisions of the relevant ministries in China, we development this print module software.
Has Web interface, allow data entry for many users at the same time, then printing. you can select a different printer ; you can work with multiple production lines, scan cars when passing point, automatic printing to network printers next to the line.
key data : vehicle code, vehicle manufacturers, manufacturer name, manufacturer addresses, Chinese trademark of vehicles, vehicles of English trademark, product model, drive mode, the maximum design speed, motor codes, endurance mileage, power consumption in km, CCC certificate number, body color,Production Date of the vehicle, motor manufacturers, rated voltage, battery manufacturers, 2-dimensional bar code
Print per vehicle, the Bottom : This product has been tested and complies with the GB 17761 the electric bicycle safety requirements of the specification, this is to certify that.( The photo shows the outline sketch )
print samples
print samples


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