Motor vehicle (car/motorcycle/electric bicycle) certificate printing module
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Motor vehicle (car/motorcycle/electric bicycle) certificate printing module


Based on the secondary development components released by the China Locomotive Technical Service Center;
It can print the factory certificate of automobiles and motorcycles (including electric motorcycles);
When officially printing the certificates of automobiles and motorcycles, the computer needs to insert the corresponding certificate USB shield; the default is draft mode printing, no certificate USB shield is required, and the printed sample is only used for proofreading data, not for vehicle registration.
This system is a sub-module/subsystem of the 'Zhegui Printing Platform System', which runs in the 'Zhegui Printing Platform System' and has all the functions of the 'Zhegui Printing Platform System', and there is no need to purchase the 'Zhegui Printing Platform system'.

Preset printing templates (no algorithm or encryption in the printing process), printing modules (complex steps such as algorithms and encryption in the printing process), batch printing, saving manpower and reducing errors; template printing is commonly referred to as printing.
A single system can support the simultaneous use of 20 production lines (there is a case, Yadi electric motorcycle/electric bicycle);
It can print the certificate of conformity and the certificate of conformity for 7000 vehicles per hour;
With sound and light alarm function, promptly remind when errors occur;
Scan a bar code to print multiple documents at the same time, such as certificate of conformity, certificate of conformity, fuel yellow label and other documents;
According to customer calculations, using this system saves more than one million yuan in labor costs per year;
Printing is prioritized. Production line printing has priority over office batch reprinting, and office mass reprinting will not have a significant impact on production line printing;

When printing, the data items used are as follows:
Vehicle identification code (VIN), vehicle certificate number, vehicle manufacturing date, vehicle certification date, engine number, body color, vehicle model, displacement, maximum speed, wheelbase, remarks/others (optional parts and configuration instructions ), vehicle type, model name, vehicle brand, product number, vehicle manufacturer address, rated number of passengers, announcement date, announcement homepage power (kW), rear track (mm), tire specifications, number of wheels, announcement approval Second, emission standard, formal configuration serial number, temporary configuration serial number, front wheelbase, corporate standard, fuel type, length, height, width, vehicle quality, number of axles, steering form, paper number, total quality, enterprise Other information, engine model, vehicle status information, vehicle production unit name, vehicle manufacturing company name, company ID, etc.

print samples
print samples

Car/motorcycle certificate print sample

print samples

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