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Printing Module of Automobile OBD emission

according to customer requirements, based on the provisions of the relevant ministries in China, we development this print module software.
Has Web interface, allow data entry for many users at the same time, then printing. you can select a different printer ; you can work with multiple production lines, scan cars when passing point, automatic printing to network printers next to the line.
key data:Report number, test date, vehicle type, vehicle identification number ( VIN ), vehicle manufacturers, vehicle emission stage, type of transmission, catalytic converter models, benchmark quality, maximum total design quality, engine, engine number, the engine manufacturer, the engine displacement, the number of cylinders,Fuel Supply Mode, the drive motor model, energy storage device model, battery capacity, obd connector, visual inspection, obd Check the engine control unit, calid,cvn,obd the test results, whether the OBD communication is normal ambient temperature, method of transient condition, simple method of transient condition,Method of steady - state condition, double idle method, results of the emission of pollutants, Inspector;
print samples
print samples


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