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Uploading module of automobile invoice association / Uploading module of motorcycle invoice association

  • According to the "Measures for the Use of Motor Vehicle Invoices" jointly formulated by the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security announced the announcement of the "Measures for the Use of Motor Vehicle Invoices". The General Administration's notice on the implementation of the "Measures for the Use of Motor Vehicle Invoices", and other relevant documents, for secondary development, can save relevant operating human resources and costs.
  • Relevant technical specifications based on the secondary development of 'Measures for the Use of Motor Vehicle Invoices' and 'Vehicle Bill Information Association Subsystem'
  • Support national five and six emission standards;
  • Support light vehicles, heavy vehicles and other automobile models, as well as motorcycles, modified vehicles and other industries.
  • The main process: the automobile manufacturing company issues sales invoices after the vehicles are off the assembly line and after the sale. At the same time, the electronic data of the sales invoice is generated in the golden tax system and the encrypted file of the invoice is sent/synchronized to this upload system.
  • This upload system completes the subsequent upload of encrypted invoice files and associated upload of vehicle invoice data.
  • Fully automatic uploading: It can be connected with the customer's production system, and it supports scanning the barcode to automatically upload data to the national website. Provide webservice data interface;
  • Manual upload: support master data management, you can enter a single product parameter, select product specifications and model numbers, you can automatically match the corresponding master data, and then upload the data to the national website;
  • Semi-automatic upload: copy data files to the specified directory to upload automatically, a single data file can contain multiple product data, and automatically upload data in batches to the national website;
  • Save data entry time, save manpower, and improve efficiency;
  • Reduce the possibility of manual operation errors;
  • Perfect automatic retry strategy for upload failure, reducing manual intervention
  • Good modular and versioned design, function modules can be updated online, and new modules can be added;
  • Uploaded data is automatically archived, which can be searched, viewed, and re-uploaded, which is convenient for auditing; it is convenient to re-upload/cancel/modify and upload again
  • Unified monitoring of various uploads; an integrity report is used to analyze the lack of vehicle upload data.
  • Long-term operation verification by industry users, the system is stable and reliable;
  • At present, there are users of SAIC General Motors (automobiles), Yadi Technology (electric motorcycles, electric bicycles), and Nanqi special vehicles (modified vehicles).
This system is a sub-module/subsystem of 'Zhegui Upload Platform System'.Including uploading of automobile invoice files and uploading of motorcycle invoice files.
When uploading, the data items used are as follows:
Vehicle identification code (VIN), invoice encrypted file name, invoice number, invoice type, product name, product specification, product quantity, certificate number, etc.
vehicle invoice upload

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